Wednesday, April 22, 2009

3 Reasons to Buy a Home

1. Great Inventory — More Choices
Anyone looking for a home today will find a tremendous selection—nearly 14,000 properties are listed in the Cincinnati MLS. Whether you’re looking for a starter home, a high-end custom home or something in between, you’ll find just the home you’re looking for.
2. Low Interest Rates — More Buying Power
Mortgage rates determine how much you can afford. With the current low rates, you have
significantly more buying power. How low are rates today? Those who bought a home in 1963 were paying roughly the same rate as you’ll pay today. The rates won’t stay this low forever. Buying a home now can save you thousands of dollars in interest.
3. Homeownership Will Always be a Good Investment
Even if you are on the fence for now, that’s OK. There will be plenty of opportunities to buy a home when you’re ready. Homeownership is a vital engine in the American economy. It creates strong communities and builds wealth for families who buy homes. Homeownership won’t go out of style. Homeowners are invested in our communities. They are the joiners, fixer-uppers, and watchdogs that make our nation strong. Nine out of 10 consumers consider homeownership to be a sound financial decision. Purchasing a home is a great way to invest your money. In the past 40 years, real estate has delivered the most consistent positive return over any investment. When you are buying a home, you are building equity and adding to your assets.

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